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  • Access Platforms
  • Access Towers
  • Chimney Scaffolds
  • Civil Engineering Scaffolding
  • Commercial
  • Construction scaffolding
  • Conservatory scaffolds
  • Domestic
  • Handrails/Edge protection
  • Temporary roofs
  • Scaffold design
  • Scaffold inspection service
  • Scafftag system
  • Roof scaffold
  • Scaffold alarms
  • Scaffold towers
  • Rubbish chutes
  • Timber framed scaffolding
  • Loading bays
  • New builds
  • Industrial
  • Re-roofing
  • Flat roofing scaffolding
  • Church scaffolding
  • Stages
  • Heras fencing
  • Solar panel scaffolding
  • Access platforms

    This is a length of scaffolding used to gain access to such jobs as brickwork, roofing and rendering. It can be boarded at different levels to suit whatever job that needs to be undertaken .Access platforms can be used for a number of different uses.

  • Access towers

    This is a length of scaffolding used to gain access to such jobs as brickwork, roofing and rendering. It can be boarded at different levels to suit whatever job that needs to be undertaken. Access platforms can be used for a number of different uses.

  • Chimney scaffolding

    When access is required to install a new flue or to re-point a chimney, a boarded lift with ladder access can be provided. Chimney scaffolds can be installed with rubbish chutes if a new stack is required and this can help in removing debris.

  • Church scaffolding

    We can provide a fully boarded external and internal access for church scaffolding for general stonework repairs and provide a scaffold at high level that will not be at risk from high winds. A church scaffold will be erected with conventional materials the design will have to take into account the very high wind loadings the scaffold maybe subjected to. These concerns will be mitigated by the use of vented sheeting which dramatically

  • Commercial scaffolding

    Commercial scaffolding is used for housing developments or large factories that may need re-roofing. Commercial scaffolding is a speciality of ours with every lift boarded and with loading bays installed for all trades to stack there materials on.

  • Conservatory scaffolding

    When scaffolding conservatory’s we use alloy beams to bridge over the conservatory with a boarded lift so any works that may be required can be carried out the same method is used on glass roofs.

  • Domestic Scaffolding

    Domestic Scaffolding is an essential safety precaution for many domestic building projects, such as house extensions, re-roofing and some loft conversions. Whether you are extending your home, re-pointing your chimney, replacing your guttering, extending your loft or making other structural home improvements, you need scaffolding as a safety precaution.

    We have extensive experience of the unique requirements of scaffolding on domestic premises, both external and internal scaffolding, and can offer you additional advice on site safety around your home during building works. Professionally erected scaffolding makes your home safe during your home improvement project - protecting you, your family and the contractors and tradesmen working on your property.

  • Scaffold design drawings

    Dependant on what type of scaffold you are using, you may need to submit scaffolding designs. We can supply TG:20:08 compliant design drawings for you.

  • Industrial scaffolding

    If you are looking for a company to erect industrial scaffolding, you should be sure that they have a proven track record within the industry, and can give you peace of mind for the projects A.scaff Scaffolding has crafted their impeccable reputation based on the following factors fast and efficient workflow, quality workmanship and attention to detail, compliance to health and safety and other industry governing bodies and friendly helpful service.

  • New builds

    If you have a new building project we could help you! With over 25 years in scaffolding in both domestic and commercial scaffolding projects, we have both the ability and passion for the job which result in fantastic results for all of our clients. If you are a major house builder, then let us show you why everyone else uses us time and time again!

  • Solar panel scaffolding

    A.scaff has a wide experience in supporting installers of solar energy systems. We understand the needs of the installers and work together to make sure our solar panel scaffolding is erected safely and on time. We are flexible, prompt, reliable and with our next day service we are always professional onsite and polite with the customer.

  • Scaffold inspection service

    The Work at Height Regulations state that the employer of labour whom are utilising the scaffold structure is responsible for ensuring the required statutory inspections of scaffolds (weekly, after adverse weather, etc.) are completed by a competent person(s) and recorded in an appropriate register.

    At A. scaff Scaffolding Services we can offer a service to undertake this onerous task, which will in turn will give peace of mind to principal contractors, clients , and alike. We recommend the use of the Scafftag® system, as this is a visual control of the scaffolds use and safety status. We have completed the scaffold inspection course and are fully qualified.

  • Timber frame scaffolding

    Timber Frame Scaffolding is erected prior to the timber frame. Once the timber frame is installed the scaffold can then be adapted to suit the external finishes.

  • Stages

    Designed For Your Needs We can plan and construct our stages to fit your event’s specific needs. Tell us about your event and let’s see what we can do.

  • Rubbish chutes

    Our heavy duty plastic rubbish chutes are designed to with stand abrasion and heavy impacts making them a very safe and reliable way to dispose of waste from height. We also install top hoppers that have a large surface area minimising the risk of over spillage as well as side entry hoppers and fixer frames that attach to either a scaffold or window frame.

  • Scaffold alarms

    A.scaff specialize in providing its customers with a cost effective means of Scaffold alarm intruder protection and site alarm security for the purpose of eliminating potential thefts or vandalism whilst undergoing renovation or repair.

  • Temporary roofs

    Many refurbishment projects require the buildings to remain fully operational during the works and as a result, the erection of temporary roofs are becoming increasingly more frequent.

  • Scaffold towers

    We can supply, erect and dismantle access scaffold towers for many different uses whether you are re-pointing, painting changing soffits & fascia’s, guttering or replacing your double glazing. The type of scaffolding access platform can be erected in small areas to provide you with a stable working platform.

  • Construction scaffolding

    We provide a complete scaffolding service that can fit into any kind of construction project. From a simple interior tower for painting a ceiling to small domestic roof repairs and major commercial construction and restoration projects, our experience, capability and highly skilled team can deliver it all to the highest standards backed up by CITB, Met Police/Government Security cleared and full insurance.

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